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The workshops at Papiê® last for 3 hours (morning or afternoon) during which participants learn various techniques and take with them the finished piece.

The next workshops at Papiê® are:

- Japanese Stab binding
- Paper marbling
- Bookbinding (books, covers, portfolios, etc.)
- Box making  (boxes)

For more information about the workshops contact us.


The Binding classes are taugh in 4 classes lasting 3 hours each. Each participant may be on a different level of experience. The classes will have a maximum of 3 participants.

In this class we teach the Bradel technique. It is a French binding technique developed in sec. XVIII by French bookbinder Pierre-Alexis Bradel.

Learn to make a book from scratch.
You'll also learn to dismantle, clean, sew and make new covers for a book using the Bradel method or to reuse the original covers if possible.
You can also turn soft covers into hard covers.

For more information about the classes contact us.